Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ye who read this...

I have started a new blog on gardening and parenthood. I think have a a brown thumb in each. :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am still alive...

Like a zombie coming back from the dead, here I am. Only I am not eating peoples' brains.

For the past eight months, our household has been perfecting a daily routine so that life can efficiently revolve around a now 23-pound Cruzilla. That routine did not include blogging, unfortunately. (So if you're looking for an update on the little dude... he reached every milestone on-time: crawling, walking, feeding himself, etc.)

Things are changing though and our little system is in upheavel, led by a vocal, very willful, and very cute toddler. His naughty ways are easily endearing at the sight of the best smile on two little feet. He's on the move, and so we go.

Where? No one knows. But I will gladly follow.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Confessions of a MOMaholic

This post is part chain letter, part self reflection. I saw this on a friend’s blog and am following suit. So, I post 10 guilty mom confessions and then you judge me. GULP.

Dear Cruz:

1. Before you came along, I made Dad agree to have a dog before I would even THINK about having a baby. You’re lucky he’s a generous man.

2. In the first week of your life, you cried so hard at night. I think we were both delirious from lack of sleep. I looked down at you in frustration, trying to figure out what to do, and at that moment I started to cry with you. I think that’s when I really fell in love. (When I said I loved you in the hospital when you were born, I loved you, but I wasn’t IN love with you. :))

3. Once, and only once, when you were a wee baby, you were nursing and I had to go potty so bad but couldn’t bear to put you down. Everyone was sleeping and I didn’t want you to cry, so I brought you with me, and you continued to nurse, oblivious of why I could only hold you with one arm. (Does that make you a "wee wee" baby? lol)

4. Because I was stuck to the recliner a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean 24-7. You were still too young to be put down, a.k.a. you would cry bloody murder if I tried), I sometimes had to eat with you in my arms. After having what I thought was the best sandwich of my life, I looked down only to find the best sandwich of my life’s crumbs all over your poor little head. I kept eating.

5. It was like heavenly rays of sunshine pouring through the rain clouds when you started to sleep through the night at 3 months. But when you did, I missed you dearly, and I still do. But, when you wake up and I see your smile, it makes everything better.

6. When you were only 4 months old, I booked us a weekend trip for Aunt Pam101’s 30th birthday. When Dad decided he couldn’t go, I rebooked so I could come home to you earlier since I was nursing full-time. When I found out that I accidently rebooked for the same exact flight as the original, I was secretly happy and ended up having a blast w/o you and Dad.

7. When I busted out the formula for the first time after 5 months, I cried. It took me another month to actually start using it.

8. I took you to the pool and dunked you under water when you turned 6 months old. I promise I don’t have post-partum depression! You had fun, trust me.

9. When you started the “wounded soldier crawl” a few weeks ago, I was not only excited but also secretly dreading the fact that I’d have to keep a closer eye on you. You are one fast little sucker.

10. Sigh, 8 months later, I STILL haven’t taken enough photos of you. Your Dad made a really cute photo book from mobile uploads. And I never carry your photo book around to show people. Aaaaarrrgghhhhh! I’M SO LAZY! I can’t even bring myself to post photos to go along with this blog.

Not unrelated to these mom confessions, I AM guilty of not updating my blog more often. It’s tough work being a “M.I.L.F.” In all honesty, I am really glad this came about, because it actually gave me a chance to stop and think about why I love my life so much!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can you feel the love?

Here we are celebrating his great grandmother's 80th bday in Houston. He was such a trooper that night! Thanks bro for the awesome capture.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Our Favorite Cougie

Look what Aunt Pam101 got Cruz for his baptism! It had a note attached reading "Happy Baptism! Help Aunt Pam get into Heaven."

From Baby Boo to Aunt Pam: You know my mom fails to send thank you cards, but I will put in a good word to the infant baby Jesus for you anyway. Yours truly, Baby Boo, aka Team Jacob.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lazy-Eyed Longhorn

Oh no... It has been brought to my attention that Cruz' left eye might be lazy. Now no one will ever want to marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who want's to marry a guy with a lazy eye!!!?? Guess he'll just have to stay with mommy forever.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Meet Cruz' new friend

The uber cutie Santiago Robert Boswick! A neighbor and friend, he's one month old and currently enjoys eating, pooping and sleeping. We will be sad to see him leave the awesome neighborhood of Crestview, but we congratulate him on his new digs in the boonies of Austin, Cedar Park! :)
Take it easy on your mom, Santiago. She's good people.
PS - Santiago is a Buckeye!!!!!! Gasp!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Show some Sophie-Love

Here she is, the girl we know and love!! Sophie is totally awesome. I wish I was as cool as her:

She play's Mah Jong, loves JT and the Jonas Brothers, has talent shows dancing to Vampire Weekend, plays the fiddle, crochets flower pins and sews her own dresses, is growing her hair to donate to charity, is the youngest girl in her class because she started school early, has a friend who's named after Jane Austen (way cool!), brought dog poop (a dessert) instead of cupcakes to school on her birthday and apparently is the Queen of funny faces.

More from Phantom

You know you're at an A-list event when:

-the chic to my left was wearing a glow in the dark skeleton T-shirt
-the chic to my other left (haha ) is wearing stripper heels
-one girl walking by was wearing a dress as short as a t-shirt

Live Blog from Phantom of the Opera

At Bass Concert Hall to watch the Phantom of the Operaaaaaaaaamuahahahaha.

The real action began when walking in, one hipster (or foreign exchange student, the verdict is still out) had the most graceful dismount off his bike, back first onto the ground. 'Twas a windy night in Austin, TX.

Dax is trying to flirt with me and bought me a white wine-classy. The bartender didn't card me, much to my chagrin, but Dax tipped him anyway.

So the show is about to begin, but more to come later when Dax will be playing the role of Leonidas tonight :) (Name that movie!)

Beach or Bust!

beach bed
Originally uploaded by myflickrLC
We just booked our annual Tulum trip!! Sorry Cruz, you can't come! :)

Boo101 update: There's a Were-Cougar on the Prowl

Boo101 update: There's a Were-Cougar on the Prowl

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"This video will change your life." -- Mr. Boo

Screaming like a Chic

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holla! I'm four months old!

Things I like to do:
- look cuties
- scream like a girl
- suck my thumb
- splash around the tub
- karate
- take Lizzie to the park
- watch Twilight